Rings are the most common jewelry that can show the gemstone not only to the eyes of wearers but also other people It is easy to observe who the wearer might be from the design and gemstone that person is wearings. Thai Silp's popular ring manufacturers with Precious stone designs are simple, lean, and highly complementing various dressing styles, well thought to be worn by wide range of customers. With a beautiful center gemstone such as sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, or amethyst, the ring comes with diamond as side stones to bring out the uniqueness of each center stone.


Earrings have been one of the principal jewelry throughout human recorded history. For those who love to express themselves, earrings have become a popular form of personal expression, and how and when they are worn, along with their function within an ensemble, became largely a matter of personal choice.


Many times, a wearer would like to have a nice piece of jewelry to subtly equip his/her outfit or to spiritually hold on to for courage, pendants come to play. The loose-hanging piece jewelry is versatile in designs and sizes. Thai Silp offers both classic abstract design and meaningful ones.